Young Living Oils

Zippy working w Andie July 2014My life with Woz and his herd took on an entirely new adventure yesterday with Nancy Berner Smith ‘s help and her little tin box full of Young Living Oils!

Woz has CPL – chronic progressive lymphedema. He was dumped in the kill-pen in 2012, in part due to this condition. His owners over-worked him despite pain and injury. He now has a condition that is progressive and ugly for sure… BUT he still leads his herd, loves his herd and also brings positive healing and messages to each and every person who has the privilege to meet him, learn from him.

I am working nationally and locally to find “out of the box” solutions for Woz’s condition.
Part of his “healing therapy” is using Young Living Essential Oils to assist with improved circulation, reduction of inflammation, decrease pain, and to reduce the chance of infections that are often hand and hand with CPL.

My experience with Woz using  Young Living Oils yesterday was one of the most powerful I have had in my years of rescue work.

Woz is huge – over 18 hands tall. Once I began doing Raindrop therapy on him, he would smell the next oil, drop his head and allow me to place the oils at his pole. He would then accept the oils on other areas of his body as I was given by Nancy.

The coolest part… Dixie, Woz’s love-mate was right there and after I would place the oils on Woz, he would rub the oils on Dixie.

This went on for well over an hour.

At the end, his leg was draining and he urinated.

If we had only had a video of this experience we would use it as part of our documentation for the healing we are using on Woz’s CPL.

We use Young Living Oils in the repair and restoration of the horses who come to the ranch at Peaceful Acres Horses and who work with us in facilitating wellness programs for people at The HighPoint.

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