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The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres offers wellness and rejuvenation programs and events to fit the needs of individuals, couples and executives.

Equine Guided Empowerment HorseShop with Blaze at The HighPoint.

With the “herd” people are able to “hear” that small voice that comes from the heart that allows for the release of that which restricts us from embracing all that is possible in our lives.

The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres has been established to assist men, women, couples and executives to find the passion, hope and joy that inspires their lives into abundant greatness.

The setting of The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres offers tranquility through nature. With 156 acres The HighPoint has hiking trails, break-out rooms in nature, cabins, yurts, pavilions and other areas conducive to being a nature -based host for various events and workshops.

For more information about The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres or to schedule your special event with us or reserve your attendance in one of our retreats or workshops, please contact Nanci Beyerl, at (518) 368-8136 or email Peacefulacresnb@gmail.com

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My name is Nanci Beyerl and I am an Empowerment Coach. I’ve been helping transform my client’s lives with horses and donkeys as emotional support and guides to women who have a burning desire to live a joyful, peaceful, purpose-filled life. With over 15 years of being in service to people, accessing the wisdom, grace and intuitive energy of equines, I have been witness to beautiful life transitions that have allowed my clients to have clarity in their direction, and enjoyment in day to day living within their purpose.

Horses are natural born helpers and healers and with them, my clients are able to identify and release mindsets and behaviors that do not serve them in their lives moving forward.

As your Empowerment Coach, I help guide you step by step into a clear vision of your authentic purpose while on this earth. Your work with us will not be easy, at times the horses will tap into some mindsets that need to be shifted and habits that you will identify to be cleared. This may not be an easy process, after all if it was; you would already be thriving in your purpose-filled life.

HorsePowered Empowerment Coaching is not a hand-holding, heart soothing practice. My clients are ready to change, even if it is more comfortable to stay in the same patterns. They want old patterns of behavior and thoughts to be replaced with well-intentioned, focused and attainable goals. Many of my clients come to me with a vision to create a new career, or change a hobby they love into their income producing business.

Many women come into HorsePowered Empowerment to finally, once and for all, give themselves a Let’s Go Button, dropping the reins of self-doubt, exhaustion, under-appreciation and anxiety. They want to live their lives in purpose to themselves and others and find clarity and abundance in their direction.

As your empowerment coach, I help you to embrace the vision you have for your life and your purpose.

Here’s how I help you do that. Together with the horses, we will:

  • Clarify your vision of what you want and need to live your life in harmony, joy, peace and purpose.
  • Identify obstacles, hurdles, limiting beliefs and habits that no longer serve you and keep you stuck from living as you intend.
  • Create a plan that includes easy to manage, focused steps to creating your life of joy, abundance, peace, and purpose

My HorsePowered Empowerment model experientially works with you to visually, energetically and purposefully reconnect you with what you love in your career, relationships, spirituality and purpose.
Bear in mind that this coaching model is for enhancing your understanding life’s total possibility and how you best fit in to create it for yourself. The coaching process will open your heart, mind, intuition and spirit to what you hold as important, life-sustaining and your reason for being.

Being invited into HorsePowered Empowerment Coaching requires you to be a resourceful, committed, purpose-driven visionary. My 6 week, Master Your Mind with Horses course includes Three Equine – Guided HorseShops at The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres. These are individual coaching sessions intended to allow you to identify what is blocking you from your joyful, purpose-filled life and igniting you to all that is possible within your journey. We partner together with course materials, curriculum weekly through online Zoom calls and also participate in Soul Sister Accountability with our womens’ Facebook group. This is a confidential secret group offered to the women who are under contract with me for coaching, and like you, are inspired and ready to change their lives.

You are about to begin a journey intended to transform your life for the better, to realize your potential and embrace all that is possible for you. The horses and I will not carry you, you have your work cut out for you, we will guide you, motivate you, encourage you and give you the inspiration to believe in your vision to create your life as you intend it to become.

I limit my client base to be able to best serve each individual. Please contact me today so you may apply to this life-changing process with the horses and I. In my coaching model, more clients are not better, I want successful, engaged, motivated, committed clients who are ready to live their lives with purpose and conviction. There is no rewind button, so hit the Let’s Go button and get started now.

You may message me, email me PeacefulAcresNB@Gmail.com or text 518-368-8136 to schedule your initial phone call and receive your registration materials.

Please do not delay, the month of April, in memory of my Heart Horses Zippy and Kelly I am offering gifts and incentives for up to 12 women. Do not delay, each day one woman says “yes sign me up”, there is less opportunity for you to say “yes sign me up”.

The horses and I look forward to meeting you and being your guides to joy, peace and a purpose-filled life.

Peace, love and horses,
Nanci Beyerl
Owner – Operator
The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres


“As I finished my morning feeding, I knew the next few hours would be a different kind of horse time. Horse feeding is not thinking about energy sharing with the horses but quick interactions and observations; assessing them and providing basic food and water.

Energy- if you are reading this you already know that some horses have insightful energy! If you have ever had that special dog that just “knows” like my Sam, – it’s the same with some horses.

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