From CH

Still processing from last night's Whinny. I'm grateful to be able to share this time with compassionate, thoughtful women, wise and intuitive horses and spectacular sunsets at The High Point.

From EF

I can't stop telling people about The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres. If you haven't been here yet, you deserve to take a time out for a couple hours and give yourself a gift of life, of peace, of spirituality, of nourishment, and of love.

From NS

Truly a peaceful, caring and welcoming place for people and horses.

From CL

The sunsets are beautiful, the scenery breathtaking, but one need only step onto the property to feel the "peace" and serenity. There is a cloak of warmth, and healing surrounding the entire grounds. Something I have never felt before in my life....it is addicting!

From Cathy

Exceptional night. Cassie seemed to sense my strong emotions tonight. Just when I thought I had scared her off with my grief, she came over, nuzzled my face, looked me in the eye and offered compassion and strength. Exactly what I needed. Thank you Cassie and Nanci.

Thank you

I've experienced another profound evening at Peaceful Acres Horses. The horses never let you down. The High Point pasture high on a hill was windy and chilly so we all wore blankets. I had taken mine with me. The big red fleece had been a fixture in my moms home for years. After our incredible session with Nanci Beyerl, we were guided to distill our challenges down to its simplest form so the horses could understand. We were then released to the herd to receive answers. All of us got our answers. Hector came running up to me as I crossed the fence. He just stood in front of me, motionless. He started sniffing and pushing the red blanket I had around me. Then he bit it and pulled it off me and started walking. I held on and he kept pulling on it. He pulled the whole blanket to the ground and started stomping on it. After he was done, I went to get my blanket back. Zippy came over. He is the "leader of the People Whisperers"and the most intuitive and also the most gentle. He put his nose to my ear again like he did last week like he was telling me something. He leaned in on me. Having the full weight of a 1000 lb (and a couple of feet taller than you) animal leaning on you is a tad scary and tends to throw you off balance. I stood my ground with the blanket balled up in my hands. Zippy pulled the blanket from me, threw it on the ground and shoved it away with his nose and hooves. I went to get it and he shoved me away. He then stood between me and the blanket motionless. I got the message. It took two horses and Andie for me to get it. My family has had a tough week with personal issues. I left the blanket in the pasture. But I left the pasture letting go of a lot more than the blanket.

From Mary

Never in my life have I ever experienced something as profound as I did tonight. Nanci Beyerl of Peaceful Acres Horse Sanctuary holds "therapy" sessions with her herd of horses. I literally had a horse lay hands (or rather nose) on me. It is difficult to explain without sounding crazy. Zippy is a people whisperer. You ask "Zippy" a question and you get your nonverbal answer. As we sat around outside the cabin (pictured) , I was asked to explain something I was challenged by to give to the horses which were not around at the moment. As soon as I got the words out of my mouth, I looked up and saw a herd of horses coming towards us. Nanci said it's not unusual...when they hear they can help, they come. Zippy, Hector and Splash stayed with us for an hour, "telling"us what we needed to do. Everyone that reads this HAS to go up there and experience this. I didn't know horses were capable of such intelligence. It's incredible.

From Nancy

"The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres", .......There couldn't have been a better choice for a name. Driving into the driveway I felt a warm welcoming feeling from the donkeys and horses as I drove past them up the, tall tree, lined driveway. There were other ladies already up at the "HighPoint" when I reached the hill top. I had know idea what kind of a meeting it was going to be. Nanci Beyerl, had invited me to join the ladies to "Women Find Your Winnie". Well......I met a wonderful group of ladies. We were all different yet all similar. We gathered and sat for awhile in a Yurt. (Google Yurt, I had to ). We talked a little about feelings and places within ourselves that may need answers in order to help us improve our own quality of life. We could share or not share. But, I felt we were all there to support each other. Nanci was a positive facilitator . We each ended up with brief questions we were seeking answers to. We then quietly walked down from the hilltop, past horses and donkeys on our way to a large indoor arena. All the time, asking the questions to ourselves, hoping for answers. Some of us felt signs or got some answers on the walk. Once in the arena, horses there , had a lot more for us. Cassie was amazing. I can't even begin to explain . It's really something everyone should experience. The ladies were amazing. Nanci was terrific. What an awesome walk back up the hill, past the donkeys and horses again. I hated to leave that peaceful, caring place. Go find your "Winnie".
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