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I knew I was having some difficulty in my day-to-day life…it never felt like there was enough time to get everything done. Nanci mentioned restarting the HorseShops to identify your “mind puddles” and allow the horses to help you with finding ways to overcome it. I was pretty skeptical at first…how was a horse going to be able to tell me how to deal with my problems?? After some thought, I decided it was worth a shot because nothing else had helped. I went into the HorseShop with an open mind and came out in shock and awe of these wonderful horses! Without even saying my issues out loud, they knew how I felt and what I needed. The peace and calmness that overcame me was really astounding! I have never had such a “spiritual” moment before…I felt things that I have not felt in a very long time and the answers to my questions became so apparent. These therapy horses (Ulysses, Blaze, Luna, and Winny) are gentle and kind souls…the perfect beings to help overcome my fears. Nanci was wonderful leading us through our “mind puddles” and helping us to allow the horses to do their work. Thank you so much for the opportunity and time at the HorseShop Nanci!! It has helped me learn how to live my “purpose-filled life”!  L.K

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