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As I finished my morning feeding, I knew the next few hours would be a different kind of horse time. Horse feeding is not thinking about energy sharing with the horses but quick interactions and observations; assessing them and providing basic food and water.

Although my horse session was with a group, it was personal and provided one-on-one time with the horses and Nanci. Besides what I wanted to bring forward to share with the horses- the life issues others needed clarity about could be generalized to everyone’s life.

Energy- if you are reading this you already know that some horses have insightful energy! If you have ever had that special dog that just “knows” like my Sam, – it’s the same with some horses.

During my individual time with the intuitive teachers, it was obvious that one in particular was guiding me. He kept moving me away from my fear- 3 times. He was not content if I returned to what I identified as my fear space.

I am not generally an emotional sharing person. This exercise brought me out of my comfort zone- which is a good thing The workshop was a wonderful experience and I have learned how better to handle my long-term fears.

I will see his face and know I am OK.

Thank you Nanci

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