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“The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres”, …….There couldn’t have been a better choice for a name. Driving into the driveway I felt a warm welcoming feeling from the donkeys and horses as I drove past them up the, tall tree, lined driveway. There were other ladies already up at the “HighPoint” when I reached the hill top. I had know idea what kind of a meeting it was going to be. Nanci Beyerl, had invited me to join the ladies to “Women Find Your Winnie”. Well……I met a wonderful group of ladies. We were all different yet all similar. We gathered and sat for awhile in a Yurt. (Google Yurt, I had to ). We talked a little about feelings and places within ourselves that may need answers in order to help us improve our own quality of life. We could share or not share. But, I felt we were all there to support each other. Nanci was a positive facilitator . We each ended up with brief questions we were seeking answers to. We then quietly walked down from the hilltop, past horses and donkeys on our way to a large indoor arena. All the time, asking the questions to ourselves, hoping for answers. Some of us felt signs or got some answers on the walk. Once in the arena, horses there , had a lot more for us. Cassie was amazing. I can’t even begin to explain . It’s really something everyone should experience. The ladies were amazing. Nanci was terrific. What an awesome walk back up the hill, past the donkeys and horses again. I hated to leave that peaceful, caring place. Go find your “Winnie”.

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