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Never in my life have I ever experienced something as profound as I did tonight. Nanci Beyerl of Peaceful Acres Horse Sanctuary holds “therapy” sessions with her herd of horses. I literally had a horse lay hands (or rather nose) on me. It is difficult to explain without sounding crazy. Zippy is a people whisperer. You ask “Zippy” a question and you get your nonverbal answer. As we sat around outside the cabin (pictured) , I was asked to explain something I was challenged by to give to the horses which were not around at the moment. As soon as I got the words out of my mouth, I looked up and saw a herd of horses coming towards us. Nanci said it’s not unusual…when they hear they can help, they come. Zippy, Hector and Splash stayed with us for an hour, “telling”us what we needed to do. Everyone that reads this HAS to go up there and experience this. I didn’t know horses were capable of such intelligence. It’s incredible.

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