SURPASS with Horses

Let your spirit run free
  • Are you stuck?
  • Are you in a place of “question” rather than “answer?
  • Is the stress of life making your mind race?
  • Are you following your heart and life’s purpose?
  • Do you wish to “surpass” your hurdles and live your dreams?
  • Are you ready to be empowered?
  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?


Through the gentle guidance of the horses at The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres and the facilitation of The HighPoint Empowerment Team, you will have an opportunity to participate in a three-week mind, body and soul wellness experience. Your SURPASS encounter will lift you through your hurdles and guide you into living your true purpose and joy-filled life!
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Offering the setting of “The Ranch,” The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres’ facilitators will be honored to accompany you on this life-lifting adventure with horses. Nanci Beyerl, MSW introduces you to Equine Guided Experiential Learning, the heart space of horses, who will guide you to accept the wonderful you and embrace your abundant authentic self.

Retreats at PAHAndie Keenan offers guided meditation and chakra balancing exercises, learn how you can restore your joy on an energetic level.  Andie also offers a simple yoga class that will open the channels for acceptance, healing and passion for your life’s journey. 

SURPASS with Horses Workshops open at The HighPoint
May – November, Saturdays 10:00-3:00 
Bring your own nutritious lunch 
Fee per person: $230 / includes snacks and beverages


Please consider joining us for a Boots and PJ’s Retreat or Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat   May – October.


Never in my life have I ever experienced something as profound as I did tonight. Nanci Beyerl of Peaceful Acres Horse Sanctuary holds “therapy” sessions with her herd of horses. I literally had a horse lay hands (or rather nose) on me. It is difficult to explain without sounding crazy. Zippy is a people whisperer. You ask “Zippy” a question and you get your nonverbal answer. As we sat around outside the cabin (pictured) , I was asked to explain something I was challenged by to give to the horses which were not around at the moment. As soon as I got the words out of my mouth, I looked up and saw a herd of horses coming towards us. Nanci said it’s not unusual…when they hear they can help, they come. Zippy, Hector and Splash stayed with us for an hour, “telling”us what we needed to do. Everyone that reads this HAS to go up there and experience this. I didn’t know horses were capable of such intelligence. It’s incredible

SURPASS is a wonderful program. I am learning to overcome my fear. I’m excited to learn more about EFT and tapping into my inner strength. The facilitators are wonderful, and the session with the horses was just phenomenal. I recommend this program to anyone who feels stuck in their life or who just needs a little more confidence to move forward with whatever your dream is. – C.M.

SURPASS and beyond….Where the facilitators and horses bring you is a journey you could not expect or anticipate….a journey one needs to experience. Discover places within yourself that have gone untouched or unnoticed….leave altered not haltered as you break down the hurdles of your life so you can hurt less.

For information, please call (518) 368-8136 or email Nanci

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