HorsePowered Empowerment

Once upon a time I had a vision ~ I saw women and horses together, energetically transforming fear, hesitation, mental and emotional blockages and stagnation in their lives, into finding their beautiful voice, emotional freedom and life’s purpose.

HorseShops offer Equine Guided Empowerment that allows for the release of energy and behaviors that do not serve us to be replaced by the gentile expression of purpose, love, acceptance of self and a commitment to self care and authentic purpose.

Please plan to join a HorseShop in the month of April (my birthday month) and you will receive a special gift from me.

This is a limited offer, the horses and I are accepting only 12 women into this program who wish to truly expand on there purpose-filled life.


So, go ahead – ask me what I did yesterday? 🙂
Okay, I’ll tell ya – I had a Horseshop at the Highpoint! OMG it was the most insightful and empowering session I could have ever asked for! The horses were so gentle yet their messages were powerful! Nanci was more helpful than I could have ever asked or expected her to be. We dug deep down – we laughed, we cried and it was very empowering. Thank you Nanci Beyerl I have my homework and I’m ready to set this world on fire! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

Are you ready to commit to your purpose-filled life?

The first step is an email to me: (that is easy, right!)

The message I received today from the horses was: “Drop the reigns, they are holding you back!”

Peace, Love and Horses,

* Photo from March 4 2018 HorseShop at The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres

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