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Women Find Your Whinny!

“Find Your Whinny” at The HighPoint

Welcome to “Find Your Whinny” , we look forward to meeting you at a special place where you will enjoy a beautiful sunset, the full moon & stars and the wisdom and guidance of THP Horses. Find Your Whinny is a program offered to adults who are seeking to find more peace, joy, balance and purpose in their lives.

HighPoint evening twister and kellyFind Your Whiny is offered at The HighPoint on full moon evenings. Finding Your Whinny includes creating your improved vision for the life you wish to live, shifting your mindset to allow for creativity to expand and identifying hurdles that prevent you from living your life with your own voice, dreams, peace and purpose.

WFYW The HighPoint Kelly Hope TwisterFind your Whinny is a program that is guided by the horses and I at The HighPoint, it is offered to women, men and couples who wish to learn more about themselves and become inspired through the energy of the horses and the inspirational vortex at The HighPoint. Find Your Whinny is to some people about finding their voice, something that has been silent or not being used authentically. To others Finding Your Whinny is about finding that spark and passion for life. For others it is closing doors to things that no longer serve them and carving out necessary time to meditate, be still and recognize the beauty of nature, the moon, the stars and a magnificent sunset.

The HighPoint is a very special place. It is not only where the horses roam and bring guidance to the people they meet, it is also a place on this earth that energetically brings “messages of solution” to people who are invited to The HighPoint.

Find Your Whinny is not a horseback riding program, it is not a natural horsemanship class, it is not a time we are leading or training the horses. It is a time the horses and nature are leading and teaching us.

The 2018 Find Your Whinny experience is offered on Full Moon Evenings from 6:00 – 8:30 ( some evenings are extended. Please do not plan another event in your schedule after a Whinny. )
Please mark your calendars: Full Moon ~ Find Your Whinny at The HighPoint

Sunday April 29
Tuesday May 29
Thursday June 28
Friday July 27
Sunday Aug 26
Monday September 24
Wednesday October 24

Find Your Whinny

Please pre-register for Find Your Whinny by emailing Once I receive your email I will tell you more of what you need to bring with you to your Whinny and I will send you your registration.

The horses and I look forward to meeting you at The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres.

Location: 3764 Rynex Corners Rd. Pattersonville, NY 12137 ( Schenectady County)


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