Welcome to Couples-Work, a program that offers Equine-guided Empowerment and solutions for couples who wish to Work-it-out!

One of the most painful times in my life was when my marriage of 15 years was ending. The disruption to every aspect of my life and the lives of my children was negatively impacted. The roller-coaster of emotions began however long before the lawyers were hired.

It was then, long before the lawyers were on retainer, that perhaps a “Stable Place” may have assisted with finding balance, clarity, connection and boundaries.

For my past marriage we had hurdles that I know many other people are suffering with; over-work, financial stress, addiction, health issues, isolation, limited self-care time and a breakdown in communication and physical intimacy.

Sound familiar?

If you can relate, than you have come to that Stable Place, that I wish had existed prior to the separation and divorce process that became very ugly, painful and pricey.

Fast forward 15 years, and I am remarried, and together we serve the horses and donkeys in our care at our sanctuary, Peaceful Acres Horses, Inc. We have had to learn how to work on the “same side of the fence”. Meaning, although we have hurdles, we have different personalty styles and have different passions and dreams, we have had to learn how to communicate verbally and non verbally to best serve our relationship and also the work we do together, tending to our farm and the Rescued Residents that call the sanctuary their safe home.

After my divorce in 2002, I went back to Graduate School and earned my Masters in Social Work, I traveled the States and trained in modalities of equine facilitated wellness, learning and psychotherapy. I began my Equine-guided Empowerment Coaching business and started the not for profit organization, Peaceful Acres Horses. Together the horses and I served countless women, teens and couples on a journey to improve their quality of life.

As an Empowerment Coach, I partner horses and donkeys in experiential learning HorseShops that help participants to identify their hurdles and their strengths. In Couples-Work, the couples are acting out their live stage of sorts that gives each an opportunity to develop improved empathy for the other. Yes – I did say empathy.

As the stage is set in the indoor area using props that provide a visual for identifying strengths and hurdles. The horses work with the couple, to help them to identify and work through what is working and what is not working for them, including; hurt feelings ( usually fear based) and mindsets that no longer serve them. We then begin to identify the strengths, that they have together, what makes them WORK as a couple! As they identify and magnify those strengths, the couple begins to feel safe, and inspired to work it out, after all they are in A Stable Place.

When a couple is hurting, feeling emotional pain, worried, fearful and angry, they can’t see past the pain and will do anything to ease the pain. But what is done often causes more pain, more hardship, more irreversible challenges emotionally, spiritually, physically and fiscally.

Your lives can become stronger, healthier, more mutually beneficial and passion-filled. You can find your stability through the wisdom of the horses and the process of Equine-guided Empowerment coaching.

You can learn how to change and you can be the one of the couples that says “Couples-Work”.

Before you throw in the towel and call the attorneys, please Email me and we will schedule a short call to discuss how you may activate your Couples-Work program here at The HighPoint.

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I look forward to meeting with you and watching you spark your love-life once again.


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