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Break Out Room for Drafts“Team Day at The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres” is a day for your hard working team to have a day out of the office, kick back, relax, and become empowered by horses… yes, HorsePower is here at The HighPoint.

The HighPoint (team) offers businesses a time to take a break from the “to-do list”, hustle and bustle of the corporate work day and stress of producing a positive ROI.

At the ranch you and your team will be offered a special space in nature to have a meeting of your own. A picnic lunch and Equine Guided Experiential Learning session with our amazing horses and donkeys will help your team decompress and bond. Treating your team to a great day in the sun surrounded by nature is a great way to keep moral high and strengthen the team dynamic in your office.

If you have been looking for a great location to do a strategic planning meeting with your team, The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres is the ideal location. After planning, talking and thinking for hours, people need a break to clear their heads and find their creativity and focus. This is where an EGEL activity comes in handy and loosens up the participant to go back into the meeting revitalized and with new vision.

What will you receive?
Chairs with a view Break Out RoomEGEL sessions help improved a collaborative spirit within a work-group or team. EGEL is a solution focused model that allows for improved problem solving, focus, team cohesion, and creativity.

Why choose The Highpoint at Peaceful Acres over the countless other places you can bring your team for a workshop or staff retreat?

  • The number one reason to choose The High Point at Peaceful Acres as your staff development day , Peaceful Acres is the only place you can receive “EGEL business horse training” in the Capital Region – the lessons the horses teach humans is priceless.
  • The number two reason to choose¬†The HighPoint as your staff development day location, the location is breathtaking, facility is unlike any other in The Capital Region and the feel of nature brings about an abundance of creative problem solving.
  • The number three reason to choose The HighPoint as your staff development day, your “fee for the day” helps to fiscally benefit Peaceful Acres Horses’ Hay Harvest Fund and EGEL services for at-risk and marginalized youth and adults.


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