PETER R. BARBER/GAZETTE PHOTOGRAPHER Owner of Peaceful Acres Horses Nanci Bereyl, with therapy horse Twister Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

I am an Equine-guided Empowerment Coach who helps women to manifest their successful, joyful, purpose-filled life.

With the “herd” people are able to “hear” that small voice that comes from the heart that allows for the release of “Mind-puddles”, aka limiting beliefs, and distracting habits that restrict us from embracing all that is possible and successful in our lives. The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres is host to Horse Powered Empowerment and Wellness retreats and “HorseShops” for women, couples and executives who wish to find the passion, hope, peace, success and joy that inspires them to live their Purpose-filled life.

Why choose The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres and the Horse Powered Empowerment programs offered by my emotional support horses and I?

Here is a bit about my professional background and why choosing my Horse Powered Empowerment programs are highly recommended and offer you success: I have been an Equine-guided Empowerment coach since 2003, I have my Masters Degree in Social Work, I am certified in equine facilitated wellness and learning modalities, I have the personal and professional life experience and success you want in a life-coach. I founted a not for profit equine welfare organization, Peaceful Acres Horses, Inc. in 2007 that is thriving and is on mission after 10 + years of serving people and horses. I come from a professional background of both for profit business ownership and not for profit business management and development. I personally worked to bring a failing for profit business into a multi-million dollar a year business with profits that would blow your mind! Have you ever wanted to just write a check to purchase a car or home, well I did it! I have worked with countless women, children, couples and work-groups to help them to shift their mindset and allow for their authentic joy, peace and purpose to be revealed and lived. ( and that is only a tad about my story and why I Get You and why You Need my program NOW!)

I am waiting for your email, NanciAtTheHighPoint@Gmail.com, to help you to begin your journey to all that IS within your reach for success and living your purpose-filled life.
Join our fabulous Empowered By Horses Group today. Meet other women, just like you , who are ready to “drop the reigns” that are holding them back and are ready to Find Their Purpose-filled Life:

The horses and I look forward to supporting you on your journey.
Peace, love and horses,

You can also reach me directly through my personal email: PeacefulAcresNB@Gmail.com Message From The Horses ~ “Horses hold our hearts and souls so we may have the wisdom and emotional courage to move past our fears and live our Purpose-filled lives”. NLB


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nanci and hector in session July 2014The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres offers wellness and rejuvenation workshops and retreats to fit the needs of individuals, couples, groups and executives.

With the “herd” you are able to “hear” that small voice that comes from your heart, the one that allows for the release of those heavy thoughts that restrict you from embracing all that is positively-possible in you life. You will find ways to eliminate the “mind-puddles” that keep you sinking in your own limiting beliefs. You will learn how to manifest your very best life!

The HighPoint at Peaceful Acres has been established to assist women, men, couples and executives to find the passion, hope and joy that inspires their lives into purpose-filled living.



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